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Skaggs Bonanza Dwarf Navel Orange Tree

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Our Dwarf Skaggs Bonanza tree is a large navel orange tree that bears more fruit than the Washington variety and ripens 2 weeks earlier and an 8:1 solids to acid ratio about a week earlier on average than Washington navel. Bonanza also reaches color break ahead of Fisher navel, but it reaches an 8:1 solids to acid ratio after Fisher during most seasons. The Skaggs Bonanza fruit is good sized with a very thin rind compared to Washington, Newhall, Fisher and Lane Late navel orange varieties.
Skaggs Bonanza fruit has a rich and sweet flavor and is moderately juicy. The navel orange is a type of sweet orange that is large, seedless and has a rich, juicy flavor that is delicious. There are several varieties of navel oranges all of which have thick, rough, bright orange skins that are easy to peel. The segments of the navel orange are easy to separate.
Sweet Oranges (Citrus sinensis) the most significant citrus crop worldwide, with a taste different from sour and blood oranges. The Skaggs Bonanza tree ears fruit at an early age and it’s fruit matures in Nov-April. Skaggs Bonanza dwarf Navel orange tree oranges are probably the best eating oranges in the world. The navel is a seedless orange, oval with thick, easy-to-remove peel and segments that separate cleanly. The Naval can be juiced, though not normally used as a juice orange, but the juice must be used immediately or it will become bitter.
The navel orange gets its name from a depression or hole at the blossom end of the fruit opposite the stem that encloses a small undeveloped secondary fruit. The depression looks like a human navel and thus the name. (As the secondary fruit enlarges, the navel enlarges.)
The original navel orange was the result of the mutation of a common sweet orange growing in an orchard at a monastery in Brazil in 1820. A cutting from the tree was sent to Washington, D.C., for propagation in 1870. Consequently, the original navel orange came to be called the Washington navel orange. The Skaggs Bonanza is a well known Washington navel sports. Skaggs Bonanza navel orange (VI 515) is a bud sport found by John Walker in the orchard of Mr. Skaggs of Lindsay, California.
Washingtons are the most important navel variety. Newer varieties of navel oranges are constantly being introduced but without being labeled for consumers. Such varieties include Becks, Atwood, Tule Gold, Fukumoto, and Lane Late as well as the older Skaggs Bonanza.

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