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Invasion of ants in the house? Here’s how to get them away

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In summer, windows and doors remain wide open, and immediately in ambush there are ants, as well as mosquitoes and insects such as cockroaches and silver fishes, many find themselves grappling with ants, harmless to man, but involving a series of inconveniences. The most affected area of the house is the kitchen, here in fact there are residues of food essential for their sustenance.

They usually live in ant houses created in cracks, cracks in the wall or in the logs of wood. At the first cold weather they leave their shelter and go in search of food to feed themselves. Their size allows them to slip into window frames, water pipes and small inlets in the kitchen. To reduce the possibility of being invaded by ants, we have to be very careful of food residues scattered in the kitchen and fruit. It is better to put everything in the fridge or keep it in the glass containers.

In addition to food, ants can enter our house through plants. It may happen that when we buy one, they are already inside it. To get rid of them we can water the plant abundantly or leave the soil dry.

Cleanliness, especially in hot periods, is fundamental, the work and cooking surfaces must always be well cleaned. The same goes for the floor. When ants walk, they release a substance whose smell is perceived by others and is used to trace the path. The more they walk, the stronger the smell becomes and therefore it is easy for them to find food.

Products to eliminate ants

Sometimes cleaning and precautions aren’t enough, and ants tend to come back. So to keep them away we have to use specific products like sprays, insecticides or foams. These should be used along door thresholds, at the edges of walls and floors, not forgetting window sills, cracks and ventilation systems. Alternatively, those who do not feel like using them because there are children or animals in the house can opt for anti-formic cans.

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Natural remedies to eliminate ants

The alternatives to chemicals, are the natural solutions, which are part of everyday life, placed in the right places are excellent fire ant killers.

Let’s see which products are the most effective.

Lemon juice. Citrus fruit is characterized by an intense smell that if for us it is pleasant and gives a breath of freshness, for ants it is anything but. The aroma disorients them and therefore keeps them away from food. To be effective, simply fill a container and spray the juice near the windowsill, cracks in the wall or at the threshold.

Cinnamon. The spice used to flavour many of our sweets is not appreciated by ants who tend to move away. In powder or as an essential oil, all you have to do is put it in the right places.

Mint. Mint is a great remedy against ants. Just put the leaves on the windowsills or near the doors and you will never see these insects again. Alternatively we can mix a few drops of peppermint essential oil with a glass of water and spray it in the places where we have seen ants “walking”. In this way, in addition to removing them, we will have a pleasant aroma.

Cayenne pepper. Once the dust has been sprinkled around the colonies, the ants will disappear in no time.

Garlic. The intense and unpleasant smell of garlic not only annoys people, but ants as well. A plant or some cloves are a natural and effective remedy against their presence.

Cloves. Used to flavour roasts and meat, they are a repellent for ants, who do not like the smell. That’s why we can leave them where we saw the insects.

Vinegar. The perfect natural product for washing the fridge, air conditioner or dishwasher is also an excellent repellent against ants. Sprayed near the colony or in the passageways, the intense smell will keep them away.

Calcium carbonate. Ants do not like very fine dust, so you can sprinkle the product along walls and windowsills.

Chalk. Like carbonate, chalk can create a barrier against ants. That’s why it must be applied along the windowsill or balcony thresholds.

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