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Geranium ‘Sandrine’ And Coreopsis ‘Heaven’s Gate’

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Yellow Spring Foliage and Summer-Long Blooms

This may remind you of the popular G. ‘Ann Folkard,’ but the blooms are TWICE as large.
Meet ‘Sandrine,’ the larger-flowered, longer-blooming French cousin of H. ‘Ann Folkard.’ Boasting a summer-long season, bright yellow spring foliage, and a creeping habit that fills in space beautifully in border or container, ‘Sandrine’ is one of the most exciting new Hardy Geranium cultivars in many a season, and we are delighted to make it available to you this season.
Bred in France, this lovely perennial offers the same intense shade of magenta as ‘Ann Folkard,’ starred with a black center that whiskers out a bit on the petals. But at 2 inches across, these blooms are twice the size of ‘Ann’s, and arise from early summer till fall. A magnificent performer, this plant is determined to bloom right through summer’s heat and humidity.
The foliage is fascinating on ‘Sandrine’ as well. It emerges bright yellow in spring, remaining this way for several weeks before acquiring green tones for summer and fall. Large, lobed, and notched, it makes quite a showing, especially in the Rose or perennial border, where other plants leaf out later and in typical green.
‘Sandrine’ is an especially good companion to Roses, other perennials, and shrubs because of its meandering habit. Never aggressive, it creeps around neighboring plants, covering bare soil and offering lovely contrast in leaf shape to most others. Spreading fully 3 feet wide, it is an effortless ground cover in full sun (in the northern portion of its range) to part shade (farther south and west). Be sure to grow at least one in a container as well, where the foliage spills over the sides.
Best in well-worked, rich, well-drained garden soil, ‘Sandrine’ is an exceptional addition to any garden. We urge you to make it part of your garden this season, for the promise of beauty for many years to come.

The Richest Rosy-Pink Yet

Blooms are complemented by attractive ferny foliage.
A Wayside Worldwide Exclusive Introduction.
We are honored to be able to introduce this exciting new sport of Coreopsis ‘Sweet Dreams’, the first-ever PINK Coreopsis. ‘Heaven’s Gate’ is far darker and more richly colored than its parent, with a deeper ring of rosy-crimson around the base of each bloom, giving it a stunning two-tone look. A one-of-a-kind perennial for your sunny garden, ‘Heaven’s Gate’ blooms for months and is as carefree and easy as its common yellow cousins. Be among the very first to grow this exciting new plant.
‘Heaven’s Gate’ arose as a chance mutation in a field of ‘Sweet Dreams’ in Connecticut’s Sunny Border nursery. Its blooms are about 1½ inches wide, and arise by the many dozen on plants 18 inches high and 2 feet wide. This is our native Tickseed with a whole new look — saturated with warm color, very free-blooming, and vigorous.
The show begins in early summer, when the attractive, ferny foliage of this quick grower is dotted with blooms. The flowers continue unabated right through summer and into fall, lasting up till hard frost in most areas. All they ask is full sunshine and reasonably good soil drainage, and they make a fine companion in the garden to Echinacea, Sedum, Salvia, and yellow Coreopsis, among others. Foolproof and SO unusual.
To get the most from your ‘Heaven’s Gate’, shear back the foliage in late spring. This will create a bushier, fuller plant, with many more buds and a nicely compact habit. Then cut or deadhead the blooms promptly, which encourages new buds to spring up. For sheer flower power, there’s no beating ‘Heaven’s Gate’. Space plants about 18 inches apart. Zones 6-9, or as an annual farther north.

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