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Fresh Wave Continuous Release Odor Eliminator Gel Review

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Congratulation the mouse is dead, unfortunately it died in the wall and that dead animal smell is all over your house. Dead mouse odor could last for weeks, but eventually it will disappear when mice either dry up or decompose completely. What can you do in mean time to get rid of dead mouse smell? Read our review bellow to find more about amazing odor eliminating product from OMI Industries.

How to Get Rid of Dead Mouse Smell?

Fresh Wave Continues Release Odor Eliminator Gel

Few different ways exists to get rid of dead mouse smell, yet we find that use of Fresh Wave Continues Release Odor Eliminator Gel is favored by many customers.
Fresh Wave Crystal Gel removes dead mice smell using all natural, non-toxic way which is safe for human and pets around the house. Ingredients of Fresh Wave Crystal Gel makes it completely biodegradable, simple to use and easy on people with allergies or super sensitive sense of smell.

Ingredients of Fresh Wave Crystal Gel

Fresh Wave Continues Release Crystal Gel is made of ingredients like Lime, Pine Needles, Aniseed Clove Cedarwood and Water. The ingredients of Fresh Wave Crystal Gel actually eliminate odor instead of masking it, where gel crystals molecules electrostatically attracts odor molecules and when saturated fall on the ground.

How Long Fresh Wave Crystal Gel will Last?

Fresh Wave Continues Release Odor Eliminator Gel comes in different size containers. You can find jars of 8, 16 or 64 oz in size as well large 2 gal bucket. It seems that most popular size preferred by customers is 64 oz jar. It has enough gel crystals to fill other containers and will last for several months. In worst case scenario gel crystals will dissolve at a rate of about 2 oz per week depending on the humidity and season. With the price of $28.94 it could make it an expensive odor control solution, yet most of the customers find it worth it price due to its quality of odor control which will get rid of dead mouse smell quickly and efficiently without any harsh chemicals and no effects on humans or pets.

How to use Fresh Wave Continues Odor Eliminator Gel?

It is quite easy to use Fresh Wave Continues Release Odor Neutralizing Gel. Just open the jar and place it next to the source of smell. You can pour some gels into wide mouth containers and use it around the house by putting it next to the gym locker, in the basement, or even in the kitchen to take care of heavy cooking odors. It helps to control odor in the smoking area as well as on smoker’s cloths. As you probably realized by now that Fresh Wave product line can help you with many odor control issues in your house.

Who makes Fresh Wave Products?

Fresh Wave Odor Neutralizing Crystals iParenting AwardOMI Industries the world leader in odor management, created Fresh Wave Odor Eliminator Gel. It manufactures large line of odor control and management products under Fresh Wave and Ecosorb brands. Over 20 years of commercial and industrial odor management experience went into creation of Fresh Wave Crystal Gel. To no surprise Fresh Wave was recently recognized by iParenting for excellent product in the houseware category and hold variety of other awards.
Fresh Wave products extensively reviewed online by many customers. Majority of them has positive feedback which indicating overall positive customer satisfaction while using Fresh Wave Gel. You can find many positive references of customers who get rid of dead mouse smell with Fresh Wave Gel.
We strongly believe that this product deserve to be on the remedies list of any experience exterminator as well as homeowners experiencing mice infestation.

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