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Coreopsis ‘Autumn Blush’

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For Cutflowers or Garden Beauty, Simply the Most Prolific

Expect blooms from late spring all the way into autumn!

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Flower lovers, this is the Coreopsis you have been waiting for. Ready to bloom for months upon months, its flowers change colors with the weather but never stop producing. Easy to grow and so generous with its blooms, ‘Autumn Blush’ is certain to become a mainstay of the sunny garden.
The flowers begin in late spring in most climates (even earlier in the south and southwest), a golden-orange heavily blushed with wine-red. Measuring about 2 inches across and boasting a large red eye, they are charming in the cool weather. Then, as the days become warmer, the base color fades to bright peachy-yellow. When autumn arrives, the original darker tones return.
‘Autumn Blush’ is a hardy Coreopsis, very easy to grow and sterile, so it concentrates all its energy on blooms and doesn’t scatter seed throughout your garden. The plant reaches about 26 inches high and 32 inches wide, with a bushy, mounding habit of spinach-green foliage just studded with buds. Butterflies find ‘Autumn Blush’ irresistible, and the plant is so compact that you can tuck it into any sunny spot without too much rearranging and add an extra-long season of color to your display.
This plant is ideal for containers as well as the garden, spilling over the sides and trailing blooms as it goes. A sun-lover, it asks only for good drainage to grow and bloom its best for many seasons. Coreopsis is one of the easiest of all perennials, and ‘Autumn Blush’ is among its most generous members, flowering beyond all expectation.
If you love Coreopsis, be sure to take a look at Jethro Tull as well. The two varieties make good companions, with an almost inexhaustible supply of blooms! And of course ‘Autumn Blush’ is a fine neighbor to Echinacea, and Sedum all soaking up the sun and bringing in the butterflies. You can’t go wrong with these super-easy, hardy sun-lovers.

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