Bark as a covering for the playground

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Bark production technology

The bark is collected to cover at sawmills and in the forest, from dead wood. The topmost layer is lamellar, it does not fit. Such plates can quickly crumble, which is not acceptable for us. The lower layer is more “monolithic”, you can even cut out figures from it with a knife – it is cut easily and beautifully.

After harvesting, industrial processing begins. The pieces are cut to the desired size – usually 20x10x50 mm approximately, and boiled in water for 8-10 minutes. Then it is washed from small pieces and dust that were separated during cooking.

After drying, the bark is tumbled. That is, sharp edges and rough areas are removed with the help of an abrasive. Such a surface becomes pleasant to the touch and safe. It is pleasant to walk on it barefoot and lie on your back. It is much more pleasant to fall on it, because it is not as painful to land as on asphalt.

Bark laying technology

Pine bark coverings for playground mulch are usually only 5-6 centimeters thick. Practice shows that this is the optimal layer both in terms of price and performance.

You can’t just pour the bark on the ground. Rather, it is possible, but such hack-work will quickly give an undesirable result. Initially, the top soil layer of 7-10 centimeters is removed from the site. Next – perforated film is laid. The film prevents the growth of weeds, and the perforation on it allows moisture to escape. Although, in order not to form a swamp, you need to take care of the drainage system of the entire site. In some places, the puddles are all year round and without films. We design playgrounds with moisture removal in mind.

The bark spills out onto the film and voila, you’re done. The faction does not disperse to the sides when you step on it, it is pleasant to walk. The layer thickness should be leveled periodically. Children play on the playgrounds and they sometimes get the idea to build castles from bark, ditches, obstacles or just bury toys.

Decorative view of the bark

The coating of natural materials has the most pleasing color to the eye – the color of wood. Any game elements are very harmoniously combined with it. The style will be successfully combined with any yard, even in the Baroque style, even in the High-tech style.

Some bark growers even offer different shades of bark. The colors are subdued, leaving the texture of the wood.

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